Our stage and roof system are second to none in the west central Florida area. As the originator of the "panel on scaffold bay" system, we set the standard that literally every other staging company in the area utilizes. From large outdoor concert systems to nationally televised pageants,  we can take your ideas and implement them safely, on budget, and on time.
Outdoor concert systems
Venus International Model Search
Staging height can vary from 4" to over 6'. We stock Sico brand  folding portable stage units for smaller events and  for risers.
Sico brand risers
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Movable roof system
 Stage area can be a small as 4'x4' to as large as 80' x 60'. An assortment of soft goods are available to assure your stage looks as good as it is functional.  Stair units, hand rails, and ramps provide versatile access. Our load bearing, movable roof system, is 52' wide X 27' deep on a permanent 10 degree pitch. This unique system will carry an entire light show (up to 1 ton), and is raised and lowered by 3 phase motors.
Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Valley Ball

Stage Rigging Equipment Rental
10' Tomcat 20.5" aluminum box truss section with grade 8 Hardware 
3' spanset with 1/2" shackle 
6' spanset with 5/8" shackle 
7' Tomcat 20.5" aluminum box truss section with grade 8 bolts 
9' Tomcat 20.5" aluminum box truss section with grade 8 hardware 
Coffing 3-phase 1/2 ton chain hoist with 30' chain 
10' Flash Point 15"x24" aluminum pre-load truss section with grade 8 hardware 
Genie ST-24 Super Lift 
Duff-Norton 1 ton chain hoist with 18' chain 
10' Rohn triangle truss section 
10' Showco 15"x24" "Kiss" aluminum truss section, painted black with grade 8 hardware    . 
Aluminum Tri-pod Light Stands
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